NFL Football League

NFL (National Football League), is an American Football League consisting 32 teams. Sixteen teams come under American Football Conference and the other sixteen comes under National Football Conference. It’s one of the four major sports league in North America and the highest professional level league in the world. NFL consists of Preseason (4 weeks), and Regular season (17 weeks). Each team plays 16 games in the Regular Season. And a twelve team participating in a playoff elimination round and ends in the Super Bowl, which is the final championship game. After the conclusion of the Regular Season, a twelve-team single playoff elimination round is held. Six teams are selected from each Conference. Two remaining teams, having a best overall record, will be given wild card entry. The winners of those games then compete in the Conference champions. The NFL uses three different trophies to honor its champions. The First trophy is called Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup. The second trophy is called Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy, the third, Vince Lombardi Trophy. The NFL recognizes numerous awards for its coaches and its players and honors them in the NFL Honor Presentation.